5 Profitable Salon Marketing Ideas

In order to define a marketing idea as profitable, the profits related to the marketing activity must be greater than the costs involved. Basically, there must be a positive rate of return and a quick return on investment in order for the marketing idea to be sound. Salons are similar to other businesses in that visibility, value, and brand identity are three key tenets to success – regardless of the physical location of the salon or the time in business.

Here, we will discuss five profitable salon marketing ideas that you can enact quickly. They’ll range from high-tech to grassroots, and encompass several activities that will help you increase the visibility of your business, emphasize the value in partnering with your company, and reinforce the strengths of your brand.

1. Get online

While the idea of creating a high-tech website and engaging in other online activities may not seem like the most important activity for your beauty salon, you’d be amazed at how crucial this marketing tactic is in today’s digital world.

For new customers who are looking for a salon in their area, they’ll likely conduct an Internet-based search to uncover likely matches.

If they find your business online they’ll want to see a graphically-pleasing and up-to-date website that includes all the pertinent information they’ll need to know to make their decision.

You’ll want to include services, prices, contact information, maps, and more.

While you certainly can build a website on your own, it makes sense to invest in an expert that can create a top-quality website that will garner competitive search engine results.

2. Create a social media profile

More and more customers today indicate that they make the majority of their purchasing decisions once they investigate reviews and feedback about a business – and social media is the forum they often visit. You’ll want to market your business through an effective social media business page that may end up being the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. This page – or pages, if you take advantage of the main social media outlets today, can help you establish your brand, promote your business through social media-only promotional events or coupons, and more. At a minimum, create a professional Facebook page and Twitter account and update your accounts frequently. These outlets are ideally suited for keeping your clients in the loop, while also allowing you to reach out and target new business through the power of networking.

3. Start a beauty blog

With so much emphasis on digital media marketing these days, you’ll want to make sure that you leverage your expertise in the field through an engaging and effective blog. You can talk about whatever you feel your clients want to hear. You can talk about contemporary styles, industry trends, or celebrity beauty tips – whatever will help drive repeat visits to your website and to your physical location. This is also a great opportunity for your clients and prospective customers to get to know you, your thoughts, and how you conduct yourself within the beauty industry.

4. Invest in your facilities

Some of the best marketing you can do for your salon business is to invest in creating an upgraded customer experience at your physical location. This will help to drive word-of-mouth business and repeat customers, and your business will stand out from other competitors in the market based on your investment. When it comes to beauty salons, you can actually judge a book by its cover. Salons that are outdated, dirty, or simply don’t represent the tastes and standards of the contemporary client often don’t fare well in today’s competitive market.

5. Align with local businesses

Cross-promote to your heart’s content, and you’ll find that by adding a call-to-action that involves more than one business, you’ll be able to drive additional traffic to your company while also helping other local institutions. This strategy may help defray some of the basic marketing costs that are involved with local promotions as more than one company can help pay for flyers, business cards, free giveaways, and more. Try to find a business that is a natural partner with your salon. It might not make sense to give away coupons for a free oil change with each haircut, but you never know! Reach out to another local company and ask if they would like to partner up to increase sales and drive traffic at both locations.

It takes a lot of effort to market your beauty salon, but if you do it correctly you’ll likely see significant sales that can help drive bottom-line results and make your salon the go-to destination in your market. Help your salon business grow even more today with Funding Wizards.

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