Business Loans For Retail Stores

A retail business loan program designed specifically to accommodate your industry's unique characteristics without the complexities of a traditional business loan.

Retail Business Financing That Helps Growth

Owning a retail business in the internet age has drastically altered what is required to be successful. People who own retail businesses still have to spend their days on their feet, moving through inventory and catering to busy clients, but they now have to contend with supersized corporate competitors and online outlets who have the advantages that come with massive scale.

Customer service, in this context, is of paramount and increasing importance, and so it takes a special kind of person to be successful owning a retail business.

How much do you need?


What it takes to win customers

The modern Retail Business owner has to contend with a new consumer practice wherein shoppers come to brick & mortar retail locations to scope out, try on or sit in goods they ultimately plan to purchase online. This means your hard work presenting and selling might benefit an online retailer, rather than your bottom line. It is essential, therefore, to convince the customer that he or she needs to buy from you specifically. This might demand investments in marketing, a new location, inventory or higher-quality staff — but whatever your strategy, it’s likely to cost money.

Case study: Beauty Supply, Los Angeles CA

  • Annual Sales
  • Employees
  • Cash Flow
  • Business Credit
  • Access to Capital
  • Before
  • $250,000
  • 2
  • Strained
  • After
  • $300,000
  • 3
  • Healthy

Access to Funding

Retail Businesses have a distinct set of business resource needs, requiring a professional financing partner who understands those needs. Those needs can range from shorter-term working capital for inventory to larger amounts of funding for an expansion. Even for individual businesses, it is likely that these needs will vary over time. The savvy Retail Business operator understands the value of reliable financing partner with the professional experience to cater to his specific needs.

Our customers typically move their business FORWARD by borrowing funds for the below purposes

  • Remodel
  • Expanding current space
  • Buying inventory
  • Opening an additional location
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Adding employees
  • Support services
  • Working Capital

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