4 Key Tips for Recruiting Employees Using Social Media

4 Key Tips for Recruiting Employees Using Social Media

A few decades ago, you would have posted an ad in your local newspaper if you wanted to find a new employee to join your team. With the pervasive use of the internet today, more and more companies have started to use alternative methods to find their employees, including using social media. If you want to recruit employees with social media, here are four key tips for getting started.

1) Leverage Your Social Profiles

If you want to know how to recruit employees on social media, keep in mind that the process is relatively simple, and best of all, completely free. Make sure that as you post job openings on your social media profiles that they are being spread around by people that you know.

2) Don’t Rely On Ads Alone

One mistake companies make when they try to recruit employees with social media is using ads and ads alone to find new recruits. Although ads can be a valuable resource, there are many other ways you can attract skilled workers to your company by using social media.

For example, in addition to ads, you might want to try posting pictures about new renovations in your office or information about events your company is sponsoring in your local community.

3) Quantity and Quality are Different

When you start to recruit people to work for you using social media, you might be blown away by how many people show interest in your ad. However, you need to keep in mind that while your posting may get a lot of attention, it won’t do you any good unless you’re finding a good fit for the position.

As you grow your network, remember that not every person who reaches out to you will be the best candidate for the position.

4)Recruiting Is a Two-Way Street

When you start to recruit potential employees with social media, remember that when people reach out to you, they want a response back from you, whether it be through a quick message or a comment back to one that they made. This will show potential workers that your company values its people.

As an added bonus, use social media as a way to find talent that you might not have found elsewhere, but don’t stop your other recruiting activities all together.

By using social media and a few other effective outlets, you will be well on your way to forming a team that leads your organization to success.

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