Short-term Cash Flow Loans, also referred as ACH loans, are backed by your revenue and bank deposits.

The loan is paid back with a small fixed daily withdrawal (weekdays) from your business checking account for the term of the loan.

This is a great option if you have good monthly revenue, but have less than perfect credit score, time in business, or revenues.

Grow your business as you become qualified for more traditional loans.

Maximum amount:
3 – 24 months
Starting from 6%
Time to funds:
1 – 3 days

How it works

Short-term cash flow business loans allow a small business owner to borrow against expected cash flows.

A lender will look at the last few months bank statements to determine cash flow and advance the money as soon as the next day.

Rather than sending in regular payments, Lenders will withdraw an agreed upon amount directly from the businesses bank account at the agreed upon intervals.

What short-term loan is good for?

A short-term cash flow loan is good for:

  • New businesses with good sales and steady cash flow,
  • Small business owners with lower credit scores,
  • Bridge loan for short term expenses,
  • Covering unplanned or urgent expenses.

What are the requirements?

Credit score:
Monthly revenue:
Time in business:
3+ months

Time in business of at least 3 months, monthly sales of at least $4000, and a credit score of at least 500

What is the cost?

A Cash Flow loan, much like factoring or an MCA loan, should be considered a short-term financing option.

The cost of capital is generally more expensive than longer term loan types.

This can sometimes be mitigated by prepayment.