Commercial Real Estate, as the name itself suggests, is a loan to purchase real estate used for business purposes.

Maximum amount:
Starting from $150,000
20-25 years
4 – 8%
Time to funds:
1 – 2 months

How it works

Commercial real estate lending is very similar to residential mortgage lending except the loan is taken against some type of business real estate.

What it's good for?

Commercial real estate loans offer a wide range of business purposes.

Lenders love providing funds for restaurants, office space, warehousing, auto, and all types of retail shops.

What are the requirements?

Credit score:
Monthly revenue:
Time in business:

Commercial real estate loans require a down payment and a minimum credit score.

Also, plans for use of property are required.

What is the cost of commercial loan?

Commercial real estate loan interest rates are generally prime+, meaning an interest rate banks charge their preferred customers, or those with the highest credit ratings.