Medical & Dental Office Financing

Whether you are a doctor, medical supplier, diagnostician, or another medical professional, you’re also a small business owner. Focus on the care your patients expect, we'll take care of the funds you require for the business side of your practice to stay healthy.

A Prescription For A Healthy Practice

Today’s medical practitioners often find themselves underprepared for the day-to-day challenge of running a business. You now face a system in which you provide services to patients and have to wait for payment by third-party insurers. These delays can hinder your ability to meet normal monthly business obligations for payroll, taxes—even the mortgage on your building. These cash flow challenges should not hamper your ability to take on new patients or to provide more services to existing patients.

Get the cash you need to cover all your expenses (like your PA’s salary). Don’t keep giving out more money than you’re pulling in. It’s your practice. You deserve the stability and cash your patients owe you.

  • Pay your bills on time, even if your patients don’t. You’re not just a doctor — you’re an honest and reliable business person. You want to maintain that consistency even if your payments aren’t as reliable.
  • Take on more customers. With the changing tides of healthcare laws and insurance regulations, it’s difficult to keep your customers with you for the long-run. Make that growth easier by reducing your cash demands!

How much do you need?


Our financing options are not restricted solely to medical or dental practices. Funding solutions from Hyperion Business Funding can help with the capital needs of almost any business within the medical industry, including:

  • Nursing homes and elder care facilities
  • Rehabilitation clinics and services
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • Veterinarian
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Medical staffing companies

As the funding source for many dental and medical practices, our team understands the pressure of addressing rising operating costs or unforeseen emergency expenses while waiting for insurance reimbursements. With our business financing programs, you can access working capital quickly to grow your practice as well as meet financial obstacles head on, including:

  • Improving cash flow during uneven payment and reimbursement cycles
  • Purchasing new medical equipment or dental equipment
  • Enhancing marketing efforts to retain and reach patients
  • Expanding or remodeling your practice to accommodate patients
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Taxes

Benefits of Medical Practice Financing

  • A flexible alternative to traditional loans, receivable factoring, and other business debt.
  • Quicker to close, requires less paperwork, and requires no collateral or personal guarantee.
  • Qualification is based on historical average monthly and annual sales volume.
  • Flexible payment options with a wide range of terms, payment structures, and amortization schedules.
  • Repayment that can be based on business volumes and the repayment % is fixed over the life of the transaction. Or for a more secured transaction a fixed payment and term is available for you.

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