Business Loans for Bars & Lounges

Running a bar is one of the most rewarding types of businesses. Whether you operate a small neighborhood bar, a cocktail lounge, or a trendy nightclub, reliable funding source can be a lifesaver.

Financing your Bar, Lounge or Nightclub

Bars and lounges are some of the most difficult, rewarding and fun businesses out there. All over the country, people are turning their outgoing natures and passion for nightlife into challenging, lucrative careers.

Bar and lounge owners can’t be afraid of long nights––so long they frequently turn into early mornings, in fact. The hours can be tough, and so can finding trustworthy, competent and hard working employees who will positively represent your brand, and do a great job serving your customers.

How much do you need?


What it takes to win customers

We know how hard it can be to get and keep customers coming into your bar or lounge. Pulling them in for that first experience is just the start. Maintaining the atmosphere your clients are looking for, and keeping up with the fast-moving trends in this industry make constant vigilance and improvement essential for long-term success. Separating yourself from the crowd and providing a consistent experience can be the difference between a hot spot and a dead spot. Very few industries have a turnover rate as high as this one, making reliable, experienced partners and vendors indispensable.

Access to Funding

Bar and lounge operators have distinct cash flow requirements. You might need working capital keep the doors open, or maybe the time is right to invest in a remodel or new location. The savvy business owner understands the need for consistent, reliable funds, and how important it is to have a professional financing partnership.

Bar owners typically borrowing funds for following purposes:

  • Remodel
  • Expanding current space
  • Opening additional location
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Adding employees
  • Buying inventory
  • Upgrading POS Systems
  • Working Capital

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