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Whether you are looking to expand your operation, take advantage of a new opportunity or just manage day-to-day operational expenses, we have a solution to meet your agricultural business needs.

Agricultural Business Financing to Help You Thrive

The wide range of agricultural loans and financing solutions are designed to meet your unique needs at any stage of your farming operations’ life cycle.

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Bad Credit Agricultural and Farm Loans

It’s true that having a strong credit score will help you achieve better rates, terms, and higher loan amounts, however, bad credit agricultural financing and farm funding programs make it possible for farmers with poor or bad credit to access capital. Maintaining a perfect credit score is nearly impossible in a slumping economy, especially for farmers. If you’re searching for a farm loan with bad credit, get started now.

Unsecured Agricultural Business Financing & Farm Funding

Unsecured farm loans are the quickest way to secure working capital for your small to medium-sized farm. You are not required to put up any collateral, so you are not put in a position of further jeopardizing the future of your farm. Unsecured agricultural financing and unsecured farm loans are typically more expensive options due to the high-risk nature of the program. However, our clients have found it to be a viable and safer option because there is no risk of loss of assets such as land or equipment.

Agricultural and Farm Equipment Loan

Farm equipment such as tractors, augers, plows, seeders, and combines are not only expensive to purchase, but also to maintain. Unsecured equipment loans for both the purchase of and maintenance of all types of agriculture-related equipment are easy to access. With farm equipment loan you can receive up to $2,000,000 in as little as 4 days. Some lenders offer longer terms on used equipment that can help with cash flow, annual to monthly payment options, and a 10% down payment option to save your cash. So whether you need to finance a purchase, or just maintain your current farm equipment, start your search.

Agriculture Receivable Factoring

Agriculture accounts receivable factoring program keeps your cash flow healthy from planting to harvest and beyond!

Receivable factoring is a business-friendly financing alternative to conventional loans and lines of credit.

Unlike banks, which require pristine credit histories and often substantial collateral to secure funding, factoring for agriculture puts money in your bank account without lengthy credit checks and piles of documents. Factoring agriculture receivables is designed to work seamlessly with your business, so you can spend less time chasing money and more time working your business. Get started now.

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