The Complete Guide to SWOT Analysis

Creating a SWOT analysis marks a huge milestone in launching a business.

Having it done gives you a full overview of your business idea, what will work, what elements need improving and what you should look out for.

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Fail and How to Avoid the Trap

Owning a small business is a reward in itself, but some of the following common pitfalls can catch even the smartest entrepreneur off guard.

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4 Key Tips for Recruiting Employees Using Social Media

A few decades ago, you would have posted an ad in your local newspaper if you wanted to find a new employee to join your team. With the pervasive use of the internet today, more and more companies have started to use alternative methods to find their employees, including using social media. If you want to recruit employees with social media, here are four key tips for getting started. Read more


5 Profitable Salon Marketing Ideas

In order to define a marketing idea as profitable, the profits related to the marketing activity must be greater than the costs involved. Basically, there must be a positive rate of return and a quick return on investment in order for the marketing idea to be sound. Salons are similar to other businesses in that visibility, value, and brand identity are three key tenets to success – regardless of the physical location of the salon or the time in business.

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Credit Score Tip: Give Yourself Room to Pay

The key to good business credit is paying on time. It is critical to have cash available when your bills are due. As we all know, cash flow can be unpredictable and erratic at times. Therefore, negotiate terms with suppliers/vendors to give yourself room to be able to meet the obligations. Read more


7 Staffing Tips for Startups

The kind of staff a startup chooses to support its organization will be critical to success in the early game. Startups have limited cash, which means hiring decisions are often made by executives instead of human resources. The job ad and interview process are crucial to the hiring process. Before you begin the hunt for the perfect candidate, consider the means of the business and the role of the person. Read more